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New Corn Pops image!!
May 30, 2009

I`m very happy because the new Corn Pops package and logo here in Mexico are based in one of the concepts I`ve made in my day job at Pauta Creativa.

The funny thing is that my main job there is web, the 3 concept packages I made were for fun, so it was a huge surprise when  they selected one of them.

This is the final piece with the combined work of the art and creative teams and me. This is the box you can grab at your supermarket.






And last but not least, once the package was designed we had the task to create a website fot the characters, so
was born, after my concept again. I`m really happy, not every day I get the chance to fill up supermarkets and a webpage with my drawings!!

Enjoy and hope you like it.

In La’kech

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