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I`m comic book creator, tattoo artist and flash animator. I`ve been drawing since I was a little kid and is one of the things I enjoy the most.

I`ve studied Graphic Comunication at the National School of Arts (ENAP/UNAM) here in Mexico, with a specialty on ilustration.

I started creating flash animation and interactive websites since 1998, and it`s been one of my most frequent professional activities as well as creating ilustrations for diferent clients and purposes.

Right now I`m publishing for Editorial Televisa at Big Bang Magazine and Nick Magazine, also publishing one of my comics at Tatuarte en la Piel Magazine. And last but not least, my dayjob is at Pauta Creativa creating interactive webisites and flash animations as Associate Creative.

I`m always open to do comissions or new projects, the thing is to manage time properly.

Being said all that, I invite you to look around my work, hoping you enjoy it and have fun.

Peace and respect.

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