Yeah! another comic to the list!


>>Demon Eater Comic

A 4 page comic book I did for the fun of working only on B/N again.

You can read and download it here:

Hope you like it.


>>Babylon King: Online comic, this is an ongoing project, every two weeks I upload another couple of pages, the fun part is I write the story at the moment I seat to draw the next two pages. Hope you like it.
Click here to view>>

>>El Sueño del Venado: Dowload the adventures of a Nagual during a theft on a public bus.
For now is just in spanish.
Click here to download>>

>>Le Mat: In Circus of Ancient Vanity, Le Mat, the mute clown, must find his way to freedom.
Click here to download>>

>>Filemon El Verdugo: The adventures of Filemon vs KKK. Silly! Funny! Almost no text!
Click here to download>>


3 Responses

  1. saludos, me gustaria tener mas info de la novela grafica que sacaste, que costo tiene y donde se puede conseguir,saludos

  2. Hey Kid Buda!

    Hola Nuk9! I like the new name! And the new art on your page!

    Philip Victor “El Jaguar Warrior”

  3. I just came from Masare Records. I love what you did with their wall, nice job.
    How can I get you to make a nice piece 4 me to put on my mixtape that’s comin’?
    You can ask Ali (from Masare) about me (dj 4 Los BK-Clan, Beema entertainment).
    Let me know how we can get connected.


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